This week I’ve learned how to make calls to a database in a Java app.  With that I now have all the pieces to potentially be a full-stack developer.

As a summary I will share a post I made on Reddit about this course:

 It’s a twelve-week course in total. We got into inheritance and polymorphism in Week Two and used them extensively since. We have to submit a summative assignment (assignment that requires us to use everything we learned) each week. I think my week 2 summative was at least 100 lines of code with multiple classes. We have covered MVC design, JUnit testing, Spring framework and Lambdas/Streams. It is a full-stack course so we are now working on Web Apps, JSP’s, AJAX, and JavaScript.


Projects we’ve worked on have been:

  • a console app for playing Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • a console app for maintaining a DVD Library (create, read, update, delete)
  • a console vending machine app (track money and product inventory, handle money and inventory errors gracefully, return change)
  • a flooring installation ordering app (maintain order records in flat text files for multiple days, take orders, apply prices and taxes from separate product and tax files, update and cancel orders)
  • an HTML/Javascript vending machine

The workload has been tough – we use an inverted classroom model so we spend most of our time in class coding and working with our instructor, while readings and videos are done out of class. I have two kids and my wife works so we’ve been doing a lot of juggling and I haven’t had a lot of free time. There are times when I feel exhausted just from everything I’ve been trying to learn and retain, but other times when I’ve been super-excited, like today when I wrote an API for my Java app and was able to successfully hit it via Postman.

In addition to what I posted above, I’ve learned the following:

  • Spring MVC for Web Apps
  • SQL Database design (very basic) and calls
  • CRUD for a Java App talking to a SQL database

I am working on one last single application and after that the final two weeks are a group project, and will involve Agile Development practices and ceremonies.  I am looking forward to working on something that is a closer representation of what my actual work will be like as a developer once I leave this class.